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The Social Network Terminal


. Realtek 1185DD+

. High speed network 10/100/1000 (GIGABIT LAN)

. Internet Web Browser with THAI font supports

. Grobal IPTV streaming with THAI TV stations

. Global IP Radio with THAI radio stations

. RSS feeds with THAI newspapers

. TRANSMISSION bittorrent downloading application

. High resolution audio quality

. trueHD and DTS-HD master

. Full HD audio decode support

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Overview | Performance | Specification | Downloads
Chipset REALTEK 1185
Memory 512MB RAM
HDD Type External eSATA por
Max Storage Capacity Upto 3 TB
External SATA port Ext eSATA
Connectivity 2 USB 2.0
Network LAN 10/100/1000 Mbit/s
NAS storage controler YES
Bittorrent Download YES
DTS MA Dolby True HD license YES
Full BD MENU Support YES
Interface Theme Cinema Retro
HDMI cable included Flat 1.3b
Optical (toslink) cable included NO
Power Button YES
Internet Browser YES
Social Network (Facebook,Twitter,Google) YES
Pod Cast streaming YES
IMS THAI news/ Youtube/ Weather forecast/ IP radio YES
Grobal IPTV with THAI channels YES
BD Live support NO
Ext BD Drive support YES
Ext DVD Drive support YES
High Resolution Flac File support 24 bit 192Hz
RGB component/ composite YES
Analog Audio out 2 channels
Optical SPDIF output YES
Coaxial SPDIF output NO
Passive Cooling fan NO
Back-light remote control NO
DC supply 5V
Price 4,900 Baht

Contact Information

อาคาร มาสเตอร์วิล เลขที่ 1006/429 ชั้น B ถนน เจริญนคร เขตคลองสาน กทม 10600
Tel : 0-2862-5458-9
Fax : 0-2862-5459 Ext. 608